COO, Dassiet Group

At Dassiet, we’re building the next generation of orthopedic and mobility support products for hospitals and veterinary clinics. Our solutions reduce the application time up to 70%, are 100% biodegradable, and enable some of the top hospitals in the world to improve their throughput, safety and patient experience.  

Our products are already used by customers like Stanford healthcare, AniCura, AMG and HUG, but we’re only getting started. Our team is focused on delivering industry-changing products, but also innovating in the way we operate – sales, manufacturing and delivery.  

As the COO of Dassiet Group, you will not be responsible for sales – but group level operations like Production, Supply Chain, Quality, Marketing & Growth, Culture and HR. This role is global and requires travel in Europe and North America. As the group COO, you will report directly to the CEO.  

Your responsibilities

  1. Manage day-to-day operations of the group to achieve strategic goals
  1. Develop a plan for growth and profitability  
  1. Set, track, improve and report KPIs
  1. Support the company in its fast growth by capital allocation, organizational planning and setting up new processes
  1. Make sure legal compliance, IPR protection,  
  1. Work closely with Medical and Veterinary leadership team to develop strategy and long term goals


1.  Experience as a Chief Operating Officer or Vice President of Operations

2. Strong leadership skills with proven ability to manage people and projects successfully

3. Strong understanding of analytics, financials, risk, business strategy and scale-up dynamics

Apply & learn more

Did this sound like you? Want to learn more? Apply by sending your credentials to jobs@dassiet.com with COO (Group) as the subject line. Include your credentials in whatever format you feel is best. We want to know more about you, so please share your thoughts on: