Two innovators come together to help people stay mobile – Ottobock and Dassiet enter collaboration

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"This new distribution will allow us to extend our mobility and sustainability leadership within the orthopedic industry."

Lars Hellmich

Global Product Manager, Ottobock

Ottobock enters into a partnership with Dassiet, getting exlusive distribution of the UCAST Splinting System in select European markets.

Ottobock is the global market leader in the orthopedic industry and employs over 9000 people in 135 countries globally. The company has a strong focus on innovation to provide the best mobility products to their customers.

"We are thrilled to announce that the UCAST Splinting System is now in our portfolio within the European market. We have been working closely with Dassiet to develop the education and distribution process to introduce a revolutionary improvement into the most sustainable casting and splinting at almost any healthcare facility. This new distribution will allow us to extend our mobility and sustainability leadership within the orthopedic industry", says Lars Hellmich, Global Product Manager of Ottobock.

A new freedom of sustainable movement  

Ottobock has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2015. The initiative for responsible corporate governance is based on 10 principles divided in four categories: human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.  

With the collaboration Ottobock is able to expend their share in the immobilization market. Ottobock will be able to offer their customers more flexible casting and splinting solutions that are based on sustainable mobility and environmental principles.

“We are excited to work with Ottobock on this partnership. We have created an award-winning product, and this partnership represents to us the opportunity to get the product into widespread use in key European markets”, says Jimmy Takki, CEO of Dassiet.

About Ottobock

For more than 100 years, Ottobock has been developing innovative fitting solutions for people with reduced mobility. As a Human Empowerment Company, Ottobock promotes freedom of movement, quality for life and independence. This is supported by more than 9,000 employees. With innovative power, outstanding technical solutions and services in the fields of Prosthetics, Orthotics, NeuroMobility and Patient Care, they enable people in 135 countries to live their lives the way they want them to. As the world market leader in wearable human bionics, the company founded in 1919 is constantly setting new standards and pushing ahead with the digitalisation of the industry – together with its partners, the medical supply companies and international research institutions. Since 2018, Ottobock has been transferring its expertise in biomechanics to exoskeletons for ergonomic workplaces. The international activities of the company are coordinated from the head office in Duderstadt (state of Lower Saxony). Ottobock has been supporting the Paralympic Games with its technical expertise since 1988.

About Dassiet

Movement is life. That is why our goal is to get humans and animals back on the move – sustainably. Originated in the Nordics, we build our innovative products from ethically sourced wood. Researchers, product developers, designers, and other specialists work with us tirelessly to bring the best immobilization and mobility products to medical professionals, patients, and organizations. Welcome to the movement.

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