Dassiet appoints Jouni Niemi as Chief Veterinarian

Niemi will head the clinical trials and research projects for Dassiet and OrthoPets covering the new pet products in Finland and abroad.

Dassiet appoints Jouni Niemi as Chief Veterinarian

Niemi is an experienced veterinarian with a background in clinical work as well as extensive work in veterinary business life for over thirty years. Niemi's special interests include veterinary business management, equipment sales, on-site training, and educating and consulting veterinary clinics and veterinarians.  

Niemi was appointed as Veterinarian of the Year in 2011 in Finland and has advanced the modern care of lameness in ruminants among other research and development achievements. He has extensive experience in research collaborations with veterinary hospitals and clinics. Niemi will head the clinical trials and research projects for Dassiet and Orthopets covering the new products in Finland and abroad with promising innovations coming up for both small and medium sized pets, as well as large animal practice.

“I am delighted to join Dassiet as Chief Veterinarian and look forward to assisting the new teams by applying my veterinary expertise to the creation of new and innovative products for veterinary orthopedics, physiotherapy and wound care,” Niemi says.

The product development and research for our new UPETS products has kicked off with amazing speed. OrthoPets founder Martin Kaufmann and Dassiet COO Michael Lindroos are both great craftsmen and innovators. I am excited to work with Dassiet and OrthoPets teams to help them make UPETS products scientifically sound. We are already conducting our firsts clinical tests in Finland at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and in USA with selected partner clinics, and have gotten very promising results. Dassiet and OrthoPets teams are committed to thorough testing before releasing any veterinary products on the market. Our pets deserve the same, high-quality treatments as humans do.

Bringing a veterinarian with Jouni’s experience onboard is the kind of strong recruitment of subject matter experts that will see Dassiet become a world leader in the veterinary orthopedics sphere.” says Jimmy Takki, CEO of Dassiet.

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