Dassiet launches new tactical emergency splint ahead of schedule and sends first batch to Ukraine

• As a response to the crisis in Ukraine, Dassiet releases UNO, a new emergency splint, and as the immediate action sends 200 units to Ukraine as humanitarian aid
• The UNO is a modular, lightweight splint for emergency situations – it provides temporary immobilization for the limbs, head, neck, and pelvis
• The product weighs 300 grams and works with tourniquets and other TCCC equipment.


As a response to the tragic events in Ukraine, Dassiet is releasing UNO, a new emergency splinting product, and sending 200 units immediately to Ukraine as humanitarian aid. The products will be delivered through a partnering NGO in Lviv, Ukraine.

“Our contacts in Ukraine have called out for our help. There’s a huge shortage of first aid equipment at the moment”, says Jimmy Takki, CEO of Dassiet.

Launched ahead of schedule

The UNO is a modular emergency splint designed for tactical first aid. The launch was originally scheduled for later, and the product doesn’t have the final packaging or supporting materials yet.

“On the one hand, this does not feel like appropriate time to promote a product. But we can’t just sit and do nothing – the UNO was designed to help in catastrophes like this. The product is ready, and we're making it available today”, Takki says.

Dassiet’s customers have made inquiries about the UNO availability, and the production has been ramped up.

“Many professionals have seen the UNO prototype in a trade show, training, or even used it as beta testers. Now the people want to help, they want to send more UNOs to Ukraine”, Takki explains.

“As the manufacturer, we decided to release the product as soon as possible, to maximize the opportunities of helping.”

UNO – emergency splint for tactical first aid

The UNO is a lightweight emergency splint that can support a wide range of injuries in a tactical mission. It's fast and easy to apply even for untrained users.

“Steve Jobs would say we’re launching five products today – a neck collar, traction device, lower limb splint, upper limb splint, and a pelvic sling”, Takki says. “It’s all in one product”.

The UNO frames are covered with strong, low-profile hook-and-loop. This makes the product modular, enabling the user to combine multiple frames. The frames can be packed into a very small space, and the included straps help secure the splint in place.

The UNO marketing video was finished in late February, just days before Russia invaded. The original launch date was supposed to be later in March.

Field tested in real conditions

“Our contacts in tactical professions have tested different versions of the product for over a year, this includes special forces, firefighters, and paramedics. We have improved every aspect of the product – heat resistance, cold resistance, edges, straps, shape, weight”, says Mika Tyry, former army major, who directs the development of UNO at Dassiet.

“The feedback from beta testers has been great. UNO is smaller than a vacuum splint, sturdier than an aluminum splint, and has many uses”, Tyry adds. “You don’t have to use a branch, magazine or tent stick anymore.”

The user instructions are designed to be universally readable regardless of language or reading ability.

The UNO has medical device status in the EU and United States and a NATO stock number. The production capacity for UNOs has been greatly increased during the past week.

“I want to thank our employees and partners who have made this project possible”, CEO Jimmy Takki says.

How you can help

For individuals and small organizations who want to supply medical products to Ukraine we advise to turn to the Red Cross or Help Ukraine Center.

Governments, NGOs and large organizations: if you want to support us supplying the UNOs to Ukraine, please contact our team at uno@dassiet.com.

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Jimmy Takki, CEO