Five-time Spanish EMS champion would not change a thing about the UNO Emergency Splint: “It’s perfect”  

In an emergency, time is crucial. Paramedic and firefighter Pedro Barranco knows this. He has won the EMS championship in Spain five times, and placed second in the world championship in South Africa, and most recently won the Holmatro Rescue Challenge. We had the chance to talk with Mr. Barranco about the UNO Emergency Splint.

The UNO Emergency Splint launched in early 2022. Mr. Barranco was one of the first professionals to test the product in action. He answered our questions about UNO via e-mail.  

What drew your attention to the UNO Emergency Splint?  

I was intrigued by UNO because I noticed how quick it is to apply to a patient. So, I contacted Dassiet via the website and received some sample kits.  

What were your first impressions about the product when you received it?  

I was very impressed by the UNO Emergency Splint. The three best things I like about it are: 1) It is swift to apply, 2) It is versatile, 3) It is very lightweight and does not take up much space. It’s just the product I need on rescue missions, where time is of the essence.

Pedro's Tutorial Video: UNO for periatric extraction

Is there anything you would change about UNO?  

No, I would not change anything. It’s perfect!  

Would you recommend the product to a colleague?  

Yes, I would recommend the UNO Emergency Splint, it’s excellent. It’s perfect for rescue missions, catastrophe situations, military use, ambulances, and firefighter missions.   

Is there anything else you would like to add?  

Thank you for your trust and support!

Thank you, Mr. Barranco! In addition to working in an EMS group, Mr. Barranco is an avid Youtuber. He has made several in-depth videos about UNO. We strongly suggest everyone visit his Youtube channel at:  

UNO vs. Vacuum splint

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Mika Tyry
Director, EMS