Onbone is now Dassiet - Q&A with CEO Jimmy Takki

With the recent news that Onbone is transitioning into Dassiet, we sat down with CEO Jimmy Takki to talk about this change and what it means to the company.

Jimmy, what does this change mean to the company?

Onbone was founded in 2008, and, in the beginning, the company developed biodegradable bone cement and casting materials.

Onbone is most known for its casting and splinting product Woodcast. However, the company actually does far more than that, and we felt constricted by the name Onbone and the products associated with it.

We are a material company with a broader offering and pipeline that goes beyond orthopedics. This rebranding is an opportunity for us to communicate in a more meaningful way.

What exactly is Dassiet?

Dassiet is the house of future materials. We develop functional and sustainable supermaterials that have the potential to transform entire industries. Woodcast, for example.

Dassiet is here to supercharge the adoption and development of future materials.

  • We bring material scientists and end customers to the same table. Through that active collaboration, we can reach breakthroughs faster.
  • Our materials bring indisputable performance advantages, and people stuck in the old world are missing out.
  • We also recognize the importance of branding and storytelling, in addition to stating the facts, we want to connect with the customers on an emotional level.

Why the change to Dassiet?

We wanted an identity that is compatible with our goal of becoming globally widespread. Our new brand must represent what users feel when they use a Dassiet product: boldness, power, and sophistication.

In order to create that identity, we distilled three key attributes for that would be the primary drivers at Dassiet:

  • Optimistic - We are dreamers who believe in a better future. Our responsibility is to find ways, means, and partners to provide better outcomes so that life will improve.
  • Mold-breaking - Because existing structures need to be shaken before true change can happen. We are not afraid to ruffle feathers if that’s what it takes.
  • Credibility - Because we back everything we do with facts and data.

Who is behind Dassiet?

To understand that, we need to recap Dassiet’s journey from the start.

In 2008, two chemists discovered a moldable biomaterial and founded the company Injectobone Finland Oy. In 2009, Injectobone Finland became Onbone.

In 2010, Onbone received CE marking approval for its first medical products. In 2015, the company raised €15 million in capital and moved its headquarters to the UK. In 2020, the company returned to Finland and appointed a new management team.

Dassiet’s majority shareholders are private investors with long-term aspirations. Our headquarters are in Espoo, Finland, and our core team is based here.

What can we expect from Dassiet in 2021?

This rebrand sets the stage for what we have planned for 2021 and we believe it will be a great year for orthopedics.

For Woodcast, our team has strengthened the team with Samuel, Younass, and Jacob. Few companies in the world can boast this level of expertise in orthopedic casting. We also plan to launch new disruptive braces and splints for hospitals and pharmacies.

Additionally, we have created a new team that is solely focused on developing solutions for veterinary orthopedics and wound care.

Today is an important day for us and we couldn’t be happier to share Dassiet with the world.

You can expect to hear more exciting news from us soon!