Performance Scientist James Hewitt Joins Dassiet

Dassiet is excited to announce James Hewitt joining the team as an advisor. James is a performance scientist, speaker and author, with over 15 years of experience in human high performance. Over the years, he has done extensive research at Loughborough University in sports, exercise and health science and consulted top-performing organizations and individuals on sustainable high performance, from Formula 1 drivers to Fortune 500 C-suite executives.  

Now, James will share his expertise and knowledge with the Dassiet team, helping them focus on sustainable high performance while supporting health, well-being and work-life balance.  

“In the initial meeting with the Dassiet leadership team, the headline ‘House of Sustainable Supermaterials’ captured my attention instantly. The idea that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice sustainability to achieve high performance is at the core of my philosophy, whether applied to human psychology or physiology or the materials we use in everyday life, work or sports performance. There is increasing demand for high-performance and sustainable products, and Dassiet offers the opportunity to achieve both without compromise. I’m excited to work with the Dassiet team and contribute to their mission and vision.”

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