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Dassiet is the house of future materials providing changemakers with the tools to move their field.

Like many great ideas, the story of Dassiet started at a student party.

Unlike most of those stories, ours involved a coffee mug, scrap pieces of biodegradable plastic, and some wood chips, leftovers from a cellulose bleaching project.

Out of curiosity, two researchers started mixing the materials and experimenting with various combinations. The result was a biocomposite compound that was pliable when heated and hard at room temperature.

Thanks to its properties, the new material was discovered to be ideal for all types of fracture casts and therapeutic supports. The industry experts and investors saw the potential in the revolutionary innovation immediately, and agreed to participate in developing the product and a wide range of its applications that will move the field forward.

This, however impressive, is just the beginning. It is merely the prologue to our story, yet to be written. We’re constantly moving the plot forward, with our vision beyond thermoplastic biocomposites and medical applications. Dassiet is looking to become a house of functional and sustainable materials that will revolutionize the future and lead us to a new era in science and wellbeing.

After bronze, iron, and plastic, welcome to the age of Dassiet.

We develop functional and sustainable supermaterials that have the potential to transform the world of the future and lead us to a new age in science and wellbeing. 

Our strategy

By leveraging world-class expertise in material science, Dassiet brings new properties to products and outperforms competing designs.

The Dassiet values

We do things in an optimistic, mold-breaking and credible way.

Meet the team behind dassiet

Jimmy Takki


Michael Lindroos


Kerkko Visuri


Eija Pirhonen

Head of quality

Samuel Romppainen

Director, Medical

Jouni Niemi

Chief veterinarian

Mika Tyry

Director, EMS

Younass Idrissi

Sales manager

Veera Rouvinen

Head of Growth

Corey L'Esperance

Video Producer

Tikli Tommiska

Brand designer

Veli-Pekka Peuraharju

Sales manager

Ilari Visuri

JR. Operations manager

Jessica Laiho

Office manager


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