Health and mobility, reimagined

We believe health is a human right.

That’s why we’re committed to creating intelligent solutions for some of the most common health and mobility problems.

Michael Lindroos, Dassiet COO, is standing in front of a board with his back turned to the camera. He is pinning a note to design drawings attached on the board.


Dr. Antti Pärssinen and Dr. Petro Lahtinen invent a novel biocomposite material


Woodcast gains widespread use in hospitals in the Nordic countries, UK, Germany and Switzerland.


Dassiet merges with US-based OrthoPets and launches the UCAST and UPETS product lines.


Dassiet launches UNO, an emergency splinting product line. UCAST and UNO win the Red Dot Award.

Guiding principles
Dassiet is guided by constant improvement - our products need to be easier to work with, lead to better outcomes, and reduce the environmental burden.

We’re only getting started on our journey

Patients treated
RCTs published
Active countries
Patent families
Martin Kaufmann, Dassiet VET COO and OrthoPets founder, inspects a UPETS splint in his hands. He is wearing safety glasses and looks at the splint intently.

Meet our team

Our recipe is simple – we surround ourselves with smart people who love simple solutions to complex problems. Together we dream and make what we dream of.
Erica Beverlin
VOP Specialist
Eija Pirhonen
Head of Quality
Maj-Lis Pelli
Jimmy Takki
CEO & president
Dustin Boyce
3D Fabricator
Kelly Horner-Barrington
Sami Saku
Head of Research
Mika Tyry
Director, EMS
Jorden Hobbs
VOP Specialist
Michael Lindroos
Mallory Papst
Administration & Support
Lisa Hapgood
VOP Specialist
Mikhail Kukva
Head of Expansion
Mikael Hovi
R&D, Medical
Veli-Pekka Peuraharju
Wayne Grudnoske
VOP Innovator
Craig Savolskis
Head of Supply Chain
Martin Kaufmann
COO, Vet
Kerkko Visuri
Josh Luebbers
R&D, Vet
Quinn Grasso
VOP Innovator
Amy Kaufmann
CFO, Dassiet Vet

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