Dassiet wins Red Dot 2022 award in two categories, signs deal with U.S. orthopedic clinics

The UNO emergency splinting system was awarded in the “Medical devices and technology” category. The UCAST product family for casting and splinting won the “Healthcare” category. Now, the company has signed significant deals with leading orthopedic clinics in the United States.

The UNO emergency splinting system was awarded in the “Medical devices and technology” category. The UCAST product family for casting and splinting won the “Healthcare” category. Now, the company has signed significant deals with leading orthopedic clinics in the United States.
Dassiet aims to become the Apple of immobilization. A focus on innovative design in products, branding, and packaging is crucial to reach this goal. Winning two categories in the Red Dot Award, one of the world’s largest design competitions, shows the company is on track to their target. Currently, Dassiet is focused on scaling to the U.S. market.  
“We have just signed deals with a few leading orthopedic clinics in the United States, with several new ones on the horizon”, says Jimmy Takki, Dassiet Group CEO.  

Award-winning design based on experience and research

Though the name on the Red Dot award is that of Michael Lindroos, Dassiet COO, the UCAST product family for casting and splinting was co-created with physicians, researchers, and cast technicians. Lindroos had a long career as an orthopedic specialist before venturing into business and product development.
“UCAST is the casting product I would have wanted when I still worked in the hospital – it removes the need to measure, cut and clean up during fracture treatment. It is not only more comfortable for patients and faster to apply, but also environmentally friendly”, Lindroos says.
The UCAST is a pre-made, two-part splint. It has been designed with ease-of-use and sustainability in mind. For hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals this means saved time and money. For example, for casting technicians with no prior experience, the UCAST wrist splint is on average 33 % faster to apply than the fiberglass alternative. The splint can be re-molded and re-used up to 25 times and recycled fully.

The UNO Emergency Splint won the Red Dot Award 2022 in the "Medical devices and technology" category

Innovation to save lives

The UNO Emergency Splint came to be when former Finnish military major Mika Tyry was leading a training for an explosives-related emergency. Tyry, now a Leading Consultant at Dassiet, realized the military medical officers needed a product to immobilize patients safely and quickly in confined spaces. Such a product did not exist.
“The UNO emergency splint was born out of concern for military and law officers as well as first responders – people who do the work I used to do when I was in active duty. I hope that with it, they can save lives and limbs”, Tyry explains.
Patient safety and ease of use are core components of UNO’s design. Thanks to its minimalist design, the splint is fast to apply in demanding situations. Though initially developed for military use, the UNO Emergency Splint has also raised interest in the fields of rescue, EMS, and law enforcement. The product has great potential for consumer use in hiking, sports, and more.    

Both UCAST packaging and product have received praise

Building a creative brand in a highly regulated field is challenging, but rewarding

In addition to winning the Red Dot Award, the UCAST product packaging received the silver award in the Finnish design competition Vuoden Huiput. The jury praised the style, minimalism, and usability of the packaging.
The original brand identity was crafted by Werklig, a Finnish design company. Dassiet Brand Design Lead Tikli Tommiska has since taken the reins of developing the brand further. Working in B2B business in the regulated medical field sets certain limitations, but they see it as a rewarding challenge.
“I think of it as a challenge to see the beauty in simplicity. When we make our packaging minimalist and clear, it not only complies with the various regulations but also serves the end user in the best possible way. It will be easy for them to identify different products in packaging, for example.”

UCAST on the Red Dot Award website

UNO on the Red Dot Award website

UCAST packaging on the Vuoden Huiput website (in Finnish)  

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