OrthoNOW joins forces with Dassiet to make orthopedic care more accessible and comfortable

OrthoNOW, a company built to make orthopedic care quicker and easier to access, and Dassiet are bringing the UCAST splinting and casting product family available in all OrthoNOW locations.

The two companies will bring the UCAST product family to all OrthoNOW locations. The new splint makes cast application quick, which helps OrthoNOW experts provide high-quality care for a growing number of patients.
Dr. Alejandro Badia
, an industry-leading orthopedic surgeon and author, founded OrthoNOW because he believed patients should not have to choose either high quality or quick treatment. Thanks to OrthoNOW, they can have both.
UCAST is a pre-made, two-part splinting system. It has a heat-moldable splint made from an eco-friendly material called Woodcast and a self-adhesive bandaging material called Unitex. UCAST can be applied in five minutes, remolded up to 25 times, and recycled fully.
"With UCAST, we can focus on the patient instead of measuring, scissoring, waiting, and cleaning up. The heat-moldable materials keep you dry, safe and stain-free", describes Dr. Badia.

Immediate and high-quality treatment

The collaboration with Dassiet fits well with OrthoNOW's philosophy of providing patients with the highest quality of treatment without waiting. The company promises that patients will not have to endure multiple visits and can leave fully treated within an hour.
"UCAST will help us treat our patients according to our values, and we have already had some very promising experiences with it”, says Dr. Badia.

The OrthoNOW team, Dr. Badia and Dassiet COO Michael Lindroos showcase OrthoNOW's bespoke UCAST products. Image courtesy of OrthoNOW.

Two changemakers join forces

The two companies share a passion for changing healthcare for the better. It was only natural for OrthoNOW and Dassiet to collaborate for a shared cause: better ortopedic care for patients and medical professionals.  
“We had a mutual understanding from the beginning. Dr. Badia immediately saw the benefits of UCAST and how it could help OrthoNOW change the industry", says Michael Lindroos, Dassiet COO.
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For more information, please contact:

Alejandro Badia, M.D, F.A.C.S.
OrthoNOW founder, Chief Medical Officer

www.drbadia.com | www.OrthoNOWcare.com
Michael Lindroos
COO, Dassiet
+1 (720) 518-9422