What does Dassiet do?

Dassiet is a Finnish health-tech company founded in 2008 with the focus on developing functional and sustainable supermaterials.
Dassiet is a Finnish health-tech company founded in 2008 with the focus on developing functional and sustainable supermaterials. Known previously as Onbone, Dassiet launched a mold-breaking and ecological casting and immobilisation solution Woodcast already back in 2010.  

After a decade of developing, testing and proving the use of Woodcast material in hospitals and clinics around the world, the team is ready to put new, even more innovative health tech and material solutions out in the market. We believe in changing our future for the better with the green, safe and convenient materials, and we truly want to give changemakers the tools to move their fields. Here’s how we will do it.

House of Future Materials

While Dassiet is most known for health tech solutions, the company originally started as a material company. Out of curiosity, two Finnish researchers started mixing the materials and experimenting with various combinations of wood and biopolymers. The result was a biocomposite compound that was pliable when heated and hard at room temperature.  

They quickly found out that this new material was ideal for all types of fracture casts and therapeutic supports. While our R&D team is constantly looking forward and experimenting, to find new life-changing solutions, we’ve decided to first focus on the thing we know best – Making people’s (and pets’) lives better with safe, disruptive and ecological medical products.

Mold-breaking health tech solutions

Woodcast is both the first material and product line to come out of Dassiet, and it’s been used to treat over 1 million patients world-wide since its launch. It is used in several different solutions for casting and splinting, replacing the toxic, cumbersome and time-consuming materials like fiberglass, plastic and plaster. It’s fully biodegradable, non-toxic, pervious to X-ray, remoldable and it doesn’t require any water. It is also the base building block for our newest casting and medical solutions in the UCAST series.

UCAST is still going through clinical trials, but with the current feedback from both medical professionals and patients we are confident in saying that it will revolutionize the immobilization and support of limbs. We have combined Woodcast with other patented material and design solutions to create a product that is easy-to-apply like a brace, but offers the support and fit of a cast. You can treat about 80% of immobilization cases with UCAST. If you are interested in testing UCAST before others please contact us at hello@dassiet.com. More info about UCAST will be available during 2021.

UPETS is the second of our two new product lines. With the clinical knowledge we have of Woodcast and its applications with humans we started thinking – Why not offer our pets the same level of care? UPETS line is developed by the best vetenary orthopedists in collaboration with clinics and universities to ensure your pets’ wellbeing. We innovate on vetenary fields that still struggle with old-fashioned, sometimes even harmful methods. UPETS is currently in clinical trials and will be released in 2022.

The place for Changemakers

We are only at the beginning of our story. The Dassiet team continues to test and develop new products and materials while preparing to launch UCAST and UPETS during 2021-2022. A few principles drive us forward on our quest for excellence: Speed, disruption and united action.  

Speed means that we are brave and curious, and test our ideas as fast as possible. We iterate and take big leaps instead of standing still while honing details. We are a modern and nimble team, not a slow B2B dinosaur.  

Disruption for us means a way of being. It encompasses our products, the way we do business and how we build teams. Why do the same thing that everyone is doing, when you can shake things up and bring something completely new and fresh into the world?  

Finally, we know that changing the world for the better cannot be done alone. United action means that we invest heavily into collaboration and communication within our own team, but also with likeminded people and organisations. This is where you step in – We are looking for changemakers to join our team and to help us realise our vision. Check out our open positions at the Join us section!

Veera Rouvinen
Head of Growth