What’s it like to work at Dassiet?

We had a chat with our Sales & Education Manager Younass who wanted to share an insider view on how it is to work at Dassiet.

Hi Younass! Tell us about yourself.

My name is Younass Idrissi and I work as a Sales & Education Manager here at Dassiet, but I like the title “technical support” more because it sounds more friendly. I’m an orthopedic nurse by education and trade, and I actually worked as a casting expert in Töölö Hospital for 6 years before joining Dassiet.  

My job is to showcase our new products and casting techniques to our clients, train them on how to use the products, answer their questions and help them any other way I can. During my career in the hospital I used Woodcast to treat patients, so I feel like I’m the right person to educate the use of Woodcast and UCAST to new clients who are not familiar with using the product. We arrange online and offline trainings where I show the basics of using our products and include some tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years. We also do trainings with old customers who want to develop and deepen their knowledge of using Woodcast or our other products.

What got you interested in Dassiet?

I have always been a Woodcast man and wanting to be in medical sales, so Dassiet & Woodcast was a natural option for me. I find Dassiet to be a very exciting voyage. The way the company does things radiates enthusiasm and wanting to be better. Everyone here wants to do things differently and improve the old ways of doing things.

How important to you are green products and values?

For me being an eco-friendly company means a lot. It is not just the modern trend on being green, but also the fact that helping the medical industry to become greener is a kind of a reward in itself. I would say that this is one of our most important aspects in Dassiet.

What was your first impressions on the products, team and vision?

We have great vision that differs from the competitors. But first of all, our products are the next generation of medical care. I like the fact that we are doers, if we want to accomplish something we will one way or another to make it happen.

What are in your opinion the strengths/best parts of the Dassiet team?

We have a very young and competitive team that has great vision, but also important experience from different markets. We are not just building a team who have experience in B2B and medical or material development, but there are people from all over. This brings us the ability to see things a little bit differently and outside the box. Like I said before, we make things happen.

Where can we still improve?

We are still a growing company that has a lot of big steps to take. We need patience to achieve our goals.

What kind of a snack would you want to add to our fridge?

On warm summer days an ice cream works for me 😊 (Editor’s note: We already have ice cream in the freezer which Younass also eats every day so I guess we’ll just keep that coming 😀)

What are you looking forward the most in the next 12 months at work?

To help Dassiet become a bigger company and to help Woodcast and UCAST become the number one casting and splinting solutions. My personal goals are to develop my skills in every aspect needed in this industry.

Thanks Younass for the chat! Now, go eat an ice cream!


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