The UCAST® Wrist splint is one of our most popular products. It's designed for wrist applications, volar or dorsal, and works ambidextrously.

Use cases

Colles/Bartons/Chauffeur/Scaphoid/Carpal/MC fractures

Heating times

Express heater: 1 min 40 sec Flatbed heater: 3 min

Included in package

Perforated, pre-cut Woodcast® splint Pre-padded Unitex™ fabric 2-sided glue tapes User guide

Ref code



Left/right, volar/dorsal

Product size and weight

One size fits most

Splint thickness

2 mm

Batch size

10 pcs


Compatible with PROCAST heating devices, water bath Stockinettes, cast padding, cohesive bandages. Recommended reimbursement codes: L3906, Q4051


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